Finding Green Pastures

Green Pastures

Early each morning, I pass the pastures of this beautiful farm.  Horses often graze on this side of the hill, while black angus cattle enjoy the far side. 

When a shepherd seeks green pastures for his flock,  he must first go out to find good land.  Then, he must decide how he will get his flock to the new and better place.   At times, that can be difficult.  The pathes leading to greener pastures are sometimes rocky and filled with dangerous conditions. The sheep can’t understand why they must leave the place that they know to walk such a rugged path.  Often, a stubborn sheep will balk at the idea and run away from the shepherd and the flock, only to find itself in much worse circumstances, out on a high cliff or down in a  dark ravine.   Throughout it all, the shepherd is confident that something better is up ahead.  If the sheep will follow where he leads, they will come to a place of plenty where they can rest.

So it is with us, when we trust in God’s ability to guide us to the good He knows is ahead.   At times, we may  go through rough experiences as we walk down the imperfect  path of life.  At times we may wander off the path and get ourselves into situations that seem hopeless.  But, the Good Shepherd always finds the lost sheep and takes it back to the right path, and the green pastures of peace, plenty and happiness are awaiting them. 

 If life seems difficult, trust that it will not always be so.  The Strong and Sure One is going ahead of you and leading you to a place of restful, better days.

He leadeth me beside the still waters         Psalm 23:2

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